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United States Economic Mission, led by MAECI meets with Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc.

March  26th, 2013

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Representatives from U.S. Economic Delegation and Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc.


The consortium of companies from the United States, led by Management and Economic Consulting, Inc. (MAECI) on an economic mission to Equatorial Guinea, was invited to meet with Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc. at their offices in Malabo.

Mr. David V. Findley, President of Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc., hosted and led the meeting.  With the assistance of Bernardo Cuaresma Lobe, Director of Public Affairs for Mobil Equatorial Guinea Inc., they gave an overview of ExxonMobil’s business experience in Equatorial Guinea, and gave the U.S. Delegation some advice on doing business in Equatorial Guinea.


Mr. Samuel Nana-Sinkam, President of MAECI and Chris Massaro, Senior Vice President of MAECI, explained the goals of the U.S. Economic Mission.  They described their group’s strong interest in assisting Equatorial Guinea in the diversification of their economy, and the building of the private sector to meet the country’s goals for Horizon 2020.

MAECI went on to state that they represent over 20 companies from the United States that have expertise in Healthcare, Solar Energy, Education, Water Purification, Transportation, IT/Communications and Agriculture.  Also stated was the need for more investment and creative financing options for the private sector of Equatorial Guinea.

Mr. Findley also is the founder and President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Equatorial Guinea.  Mr. Findley explained the mission of the chamber, and invited the group members to apply for admission.