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UNIFFAC: Creation of two new competitions

Two main issues were on the agenda: Future and reform of the Uniffac.
Work took place behind closed doors with representatives of Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic and Congo federations. Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe were absent. After the meeting, we learned that the participants regretted the fact that was not held in 2010 the third edition of the football tournament “Hayatou Challenge” a competition reserved for football national teams of Under-17 in Africa subregion. The fault came from Chad that did not honor its commitments to organize this competition the first two editions were held in 2008 and 2009 in Cameroon and were won respectively by Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Ibrahim Wang Laouni, vice president of the Federation of Chadian Football explained. But the founding fathers of this subregional activity unanimously noted that the initiative lost over the years, its emulation. “Dear President and dear members, here is for us, the opportunity to look more seriously about the dynamics of our union to resume our activities in difficulty.” Diagnosed Iya. In order to give a new life to the higher court in regional football, President prescribed the following treatment: “I suggest the establishment of a strong rules that guarantee to the union a smooth and legal functioning , the regular organization of competitions that give our youth the same opportunities as other sub-regions, the establishment of a timetable for the holding of our statutory meetings, the meeting of our financial commitments, the enthusiasm of members of the union to organize our events,
Awareness of the Secretary-General’s role is fundamental to the functioning and life of Uniffac.
While many observers still doubt the sustainability of this competition, since the dawn of time, such initiatives have not always lasted in particular in this regional area, members are convinced that Uniffac taken seriously, the competition they are organizing is “the guaranteed of national teams wins in our respective countries, large continental and global deadlines. In this context, they have for the “revival of competition in the area,” decided to create two additional tournaments, namely a women’s football tournament of national teams and club champions tournament. To be worthy of substantial , it was decided that the contribution of member associations is revised upwards, and therefore it is now fixed for each to ten thousand dollars, around five million CFA francs. Iya Mohammed is in charge of touring the country members to seek government assistance in the activities of Uniffac.
In the final communiqué issued after the meeting, it is noted that the 3rd edition originally scheduled to Chad in December 2010, is postponed until December 2011.
The Tournament Uniffac was born in 2007 in Khartoum, alongside the fiftieth anniversary of CAF. It replaced the Uniffac inter-club Cup, reserved for teams ranked third in terms of their respective championships. But this competition did not last long due to multiple withdrawals that have paralyzed in its first three editions … –

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