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The President of Equatorial Guinea oversees the construction of the Boardwalk of Bata

posted by www.equatorialguineaonline.cxom – March 9th, 2012


On Thursday, March 1, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo made an inspection visit to the buildings that are near the road of the Boardwalk of the city of Bata.
All the occupants of the land and the owners of the nearby buildings, and the edge of the road of the Boardwalk of Bata are ordered to adjust and adapt their structures to the plans designed by the Government to modernize the infrastructures of this capital city.

The purpose of the contents of the order is to follow the building structures of the development initiated under Government financing, with a height of six floors as a minimum.

The order was transmitted to the neighborhood of the main street of the provincial capital of Litoral by the President of the Republic himself as part of an inspection carried out last Thursday, the first of March

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