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The President of Equatorial Guinea attends the opening of the Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20

posted by – June 22nd, 2012

Presidents, Heads of State and Government and delegations from around the world, attend from Wednesday, June 20, in Brazil, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.


In this forum, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is represented by a senior delegation led by the Head of State and Government, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and integrated by the Minister of State for the Presidency in Charge of Missions, Alejandro Evuna Owono Asangono, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Agapito Mba Mokuy, and the Minister of Fisheries and Environment, Crescencio Tamarite CastaƱo, among others. The meeting was opened early on Wednesday by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who said: “This conference is the second opportunity to give a boost to sustainable development”, but clarified, “the planet is running against the clock.”

On the first day they appointed the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, as President of the conference, while the Chancellor Antonio Patriota was appointed Vice President. In his speech, Rousseff expressed her confidence in the commitment of the States to the complex and urgent sustainable development agenda.

The Rio+20 Conference aims to give a boost to the concept of green economy and strengthen the multilateral organizations dedicated to sustainable development. In addition to taking a group photo, all the Heads of State and Government were presented with the historic agreement signed on Tuesday by the negotiators from around the world.

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