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The Panter, eliminated by the Diable Noir

posted by – April 9th, 2013

The second leg of this match, corresponding to the second round of the African Cup of Winners, was played at the stadium in Malabo and the Equatorial Guinean team won by one goal to nil.

The only goal of the match, which finally gave the victory to the Black Panthers, was scored by number 8, Roland Delacruz, scoring a penalty in the 30th minute of the first half.

In this period, The Panter, rookie in international competitions, defended and attacked better and provided the clearest chances, but was not able to score in the Brazzaville team’s goal.

In the second half, the Diable Noir was outnumbered after the expulsion by direct red card of player number 2, Epako, for violent play. The occasion was propitious to increase the score, but the untimely injury of Roland Delacruz, midfield organizer, limited the options of the Equatorial Guinean team.

The Panter had reached the round sixteen of the Cup of the Confederation Clubs of African Football (CAF), in its debut in international matches, after eliminating in the first phase the team F.C. Sequence of Guinea Conakry, and has accumulated experience for future occasions.