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The Malabo Kings won the silver medal in the qualifying rounds for the African Cup of Basketball Clubs – posted by

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The team of Equatorial Guinea has finished second in the playoffs in the 4th area of Africa, which was held from July 9 to 16 at the Sports Palace in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon, and has consequently earned a spot in the final phase of the Champions League to be held in Morocco.


The Malabo Kings, who participated in this first official international competition, played a great championship and, of the three games, it has scored two wins and one defeat in the final of the tournament, so it finished second with a silver medal which gives it access to the Champions League of Clubs in Africa, whose finals will be held in Morocco next December.

The team, on its return to our country, was led directly to the Department of Youth and Sports, where it was received by the Secretary of State for Sports, Ruslan Nsue Obiang, who was accompanied by the Director General of Youth and Sports, Pedro Mabale Fuga Afang and the president of the Basketball Federation, Pilar Evuna Lopez.

Ruslan Obiang Nsue was very pleased by the adventure of the Malabo Kings basketball team, and conveyed the congratulations of the Government for the first feat achieved by Equatorial Guinean basketball. The Secretary of State noted that basketball has joined the sports federations that work seriously, like football, kickboxing or athletics, and its performance is honoring the country; he also claimed to have full confidence that the Malabo Kings can do well in the finals of the Champions League to be held in Morocco. Therefore, he ordered the preparation program to be submitted to the Government.

Meanwhile, Saisy Buenaventura Nguema Envo, vice president of the team, made a special mention in his thanks to CCEI BANK Equatorial Guinea, which has paid in full for the cost of the trip.

The president of the Feguibasket has sent a message of encouragement to the Afrobasket team, who could not attend the trial due to lack of financial means.

Text: David Monsuy Senior.

Photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomahagasi.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office  (D. G. Base Internet).

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