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The Deportivo Mongomo stops the Vegetarianos at the La Paz stadium in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

posted by – April 24th, 2012

Each day, football proves that logic does not exist and, this time, the Deportivo Mongomo beat the Vegetarianos F. C. at homes by two goals to zero.


The third round of the National Professional Football League was played this weekend. If the command of the Malabo teams is evident since the start of the competition, this time the islanders have won again, with the exception of Vegetarianos, who have suffered an unexpected defeat, at home against the Deportivo Mongomo with a result of 0-2.

The event was interesting, with the La Paz stadium of Malabo full of people, who overwhelmingly supported the home team, the Vegetarianos, one of the small clubs that has become great.

The two goals were scored in the second half, by Jose Martin Nsue and Antonio Elo, at 63 and at 80 minutes. With this victory, the Deportivo Mongomo is situated in the standings with 7 points.

Another surprise was the defeat of the Deportivo Unidad, which lost its privileged position at the top of the list, while the Aguilas de Guadeloupe of Bata, one of the last teams, won their first match. The Nsok-Nsomo F.C. has come out of the relegation zone, thanks to their 2-0 victory at the municipal stadium of Mbini, against the Real X of Football of Malabo.

The results are the following:

Sony of Ela Nguema 2 – A.D. Mesi Nkulu of Ebebiyin 1

At. Semu 2 – Real Sanidad 1

Dvo. Unidad 0 – Aguilas of Guadalupe 2

San Pablo of Nsork 5 – Dragons F.C. 2

Real Castell 0 – The Panter 2

Robella Inter 1 – At. Malabo 4

Nsok-Nsomo 1 – Real X balompiĆ© 0

The classification table is led by the Sony of Ela Nguema and The Panter with 9 points, and are followed by Dvo. Mongomo and Atletico Semu with 7 points.

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