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The Africa-South America Countries Summit in Equatorial Guinea is postponed

posted by – May 5th, 2012

The Delegate Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eustaquio Nseng Esono, announced yesterday at a meeting with diplomats accredited in our country, that this summit will be postponed as proposed by the General Secretariat of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).


Eustaquio Nseng Esono explained to those attending the reasons why the summit cannot be held as scheduled from May 14 to 16, according to the decision made during the Forum of Africa-South America Ministers (ASA) in Malabo, last November 2011.

After meeting with diplomats, the Delegate Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Francophone Affairs spoke with to explain the cause of the postponement of the third conference of African and South American countries.

-“The postponement of the date of the Third Africa-South America Summit, scheduled for May 14 to 16, was proposed by the Secretariat of UNASUR, particularly that of Brazil and Venezuela, which was transmitted to the Government of Equatorial Guinea and the African Union Commission,”said Nseng Esono.

During his meeting with the press, he also confirmed that the summit will be held in our country this year and the date will be announced in due course

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