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The 2012 Global Peace Index ranks Equatorial Guinea at the same level as the United States in respect for human rights

Posted by – May 14th, 2012

Once again, the Global Peace Index- Vision of Humanity has submitted the report on peace and conflict in the world. Our country stands at number 75 among 153 countries.



The Global Peace Index-Vision of Humanity analyzed through different indicators -such as the number of external or internal conflicts, the number of deaths from organized conflict or military spending- the situation for each State. A complete overview of this year can be seen on their website

“Without peace we will not be able to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusion and social equity needed to begin to address these challenges, let alone the autonomy of international institutions needed to regulate them,” as was stated in the declaration of principles of this study.

In this edition, Equatorial Guinea is located practically in the middle of the list, ranked 75 among 153 countries, ahead of most sub-Saharan African States, which occupy most of the positions of nations with less peace, highlighting Sudan and Somalia, located specifically at positions 151 and 153.

Countries with the better peace situation are Iceland, New Zealand and Japan, in positions 1, 2 and 3. Ahead of Equatorial Guinea are also countries such as Spain (28), France (36), Morocco (58) and Brazil (74). Others, like China and the United States are behind (80 and 82, respectively).

Of particular interest are the results shown in some specific comparisons between countries. For example, in the chapter Level of Disrespect for Human Rights, in spite of the critics who always accuse our country about this, the Global Peace Index grants Equatorial Guinea the same as the United States and Gabon (3 points), right in the middle of the calculation that is made with different sources and scales. In a better position are countries like Spain (2) and France (1.5). Finally, China is considered as the worst placed in this respect (4).

In the comparison of the number of external and internal conflicts, Equatorial Guinea offers much better results than other countries such as France, Spain or the United States, with 2.5 points each, and similar to those of neighboring countries such as Gabon and Cameroon, with one point each.

In relations with neighboring countries, Equatorial Guinea also gets a good 3-point position, same as China; below are the United States, Gabon and Cameroon, with 2 points respectively and Spain and France, who being neighbors, they get one point each.

Regarding the level of violent crimes, our country is also situated in the lower half. In this regard, the ranking of the countries taken as an example, the neighboring country, of Cameroon ranks as the most violent, with 4 points, while Equatorial Guinea, China, Gabon and Spain obtain only 2 points. The countries with the least violent crime records are the U.S. and France, with one point.

Equatorial Guinea is also in a prominent position in the overall ranking of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where it is located at number 12 of 38 (see attached document).

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