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Santos to visit US, Argentina, Mexico

Colombia news - Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos will embark on a three-nation tour this Friday, with stops in Argentina, the U.S. and Mexico, reports EFE.

The first stop will be Mar del Plata in Argentina where Santos will attend the 20th Ibero-American Summit, which runs from November 11-12.

Santos will look to strengthen ties at the annual summit, which is attended by the leaders from all 25 member nations, which are made up of principally Latin American states, but also include Spain, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, and the Philippines.

Then the Colombian president will travel to New York to address the United Nations and participate in the commemoration of ten years since the signing of the Statute of Rome, which formed the basis for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Santos is expected to reaffirm his government’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on human rights abuses in Colombia.

From New York Santos will fly to Cancun, Mexico, next week, where he will attend the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference which takes place from November 29 to December 10.

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