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Saâdane: “I’m afraid to see destroyed what I built in 3 years”


Algiers- According to former national coach Rabah Saâdane, the national team is going through a difficult period in recent times after a succession of disastrous results in the CAN 2012 qualifiers scheduled for Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

  • Saâdane, who was yesterday the guest of Radio Channel III on “Sport Magazine” program, said he was sad because of the situation of the national team he has managed to deliver on the international football scene during the three past years when he was at the helm.
  • Former coach of the Entente of Setif expressed his fears to see evaporate all the efforts and sacrifices he had made with the national team. Saâdane wanted to clarify he was not against the work done by the current coach Abdelhak Benchikha whom he defended and praised. He was also surprised by the statements of some people who have misinterpreted his statements following the match against Central Africa when he indirectly criticized the selection.
  • “My observations on the national team were in the interest of the Greens, they were quite the opposite of what some would have wanted us to believe, I’m not used to criticism whatever the results of the national team are”.
  • I repeat and confirm, FAF is unrelated to my departure.
  • Regarding his resignation and all that was said on this issue, Saâdane insisted that it was his own decision, denying he was forced to step down by Algerian Football Federation (FAF).
  • Saâdane said that the decision to resign was taken after discussion with his family immediately after the participation of the Green in the World Cup in South Africa, but the FAF insisted that he continues his mission with the Greens. This was the reason why he stayed while being conscious of the difficult phase of the national team.
  • For Saâdane, some parties who didn’t want him, have done everything to make him resign because he upset some people in the entourage of Raouraoua. Saâdane does not exclude the hypothesis of a conspiracy to tarnish his image and reputation with the Algerian public opinion and the last one was the rumor about his death after the defeat against Central Africa.

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