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Meeting of the First Lady with the handicapped in Bata – Equatorial Guinea

posted by – March 20th, 2012

Constancia Mangue de Obiang met on Monday at the International Conference Center of Ngolo with handicapped people of the capital of Litoral.



The meeting took place in the presence of the Governor of the Litoral province, Enrique Mesian Abaga and the District Delegate of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women in Bata, Eloísa Sales Ipua. During the event, the official presentation of a new bus took place, as a continuation of those that had already been delivered earlier in Malabo and Mongomo, within the framework of the support offered by ​​the wife of the President of Equatorial Guinea in her capacity as Honorary President of the National Association of the Disabled (ASONAMI), so that its members can have a more comfortable life.

In her speech, the First Lady made ​​clear to the attendees that “being disabled is not synonymous with being a useless person, you can work like normal people; although of course you have to get trained in order to obtain the level of education that will allow each of you to carry out a job to cover your expenses and that of your families”.

Moreover, in addition to recommending the care and maintenance of the new bus, whose function -stated Constancia Mangue- must be restricted exclusively to transporting members, also gave financial support to all the members of ASONAMI and the children of the deaf school Manos Felices of Nkolombong-Bata to help meet their needs.

Also, Constancia Mangue was informed of the problems of the association in the capital of the Litoral province and declared her willingness to continue to provide support for their solution.

During the course of this meeting, a raffle was organized for three social houses built and furnished by the Government in the neighborhood of Nkuantoma, whose winners were Jorge Ndong Andeme, Carmelo Obiang Ndong and Juanita Mangue Alo.

Finally, the Honorary President of ASONAMI gave to the handicapped person Hilario Engonga Eló the sum of 2,600 Euros, as economic means that will help him move to Spain for the medical examination of his foot, while 1,700,000 CFA francs were given to other members of this non-governmental association, for the purpose of continuing their commercial activities.

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