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Response to the new defamatory campaign against the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

posted by www.equatorialguineaonline.cxom – March 7th, 2012

In recent days, various media outlets have devoted generous and wide space of its contents to develop truly defamatory articles about the State Minister in Charge of Agriculture and Forestry, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.



From the Press and Information Office of Equatorial Guinea, we express the surprise of most of the people of Equatorial Guinea at the fact that the media -which normally ignore our country, even in times when important events take place here, such as the African Union Summit or the CAN 2012- now devote so much effort and space to Equatorial Guinea. An African country that, until recently, was a Spanish province, like Teruel or Lugo; a fact that most Spaniards do not know because their media, since the Franco era, hardly provide information about our country, nor have followed its true evolution.

It is at least “surprising” that these reports continue to provide completely outdated and absurd data, such as that the inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea live on a dollar a day; that President Macias was the uncle of President Obiang, and that they continue to use the classic photo of the worst slums of the poorest neighborhoods in Malabo to illustrate our supposed reality. However, Africans are accustomed to media treatment of us from the Western media, which usually offers the view of starving countries or brutish countries with corrupt and bloodthirsty leaders.

Nevertheless, this terrible campaign to discredit and slander is not going to make the State of Equatorial Guinea respond to this great challenge, except through justice and diplomacy.

However, we do express our wish that the media -and especially the Spanish media- provide information that is much more varied and comprehensive, objective, diversified and -why not?- positive about Equatorial Guinea, which allows their readers to know the true history and reality of this State, with the important cultural and historical ties that bind it to Spain, and the many interesting aspects that define our nation today.

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