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President’s Daughter Has Taste For Made In Ghana Products

President Theodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo’s daughter was on Thursday the topic for discussion during a visit to Ghana’s Solo Exhibition at Malabo. Ms Luis Echang made her entry to the exhibition without being noticed but it took a national of the country to alert some of the exhibitors that she was a member of the first family.

She bought Nkulenu’s canned palm base product and some few items and later requested for a few Made-in-Ghana products that were not on display. When some of the exhibitors heard about her presence, they took photographs of her but most of them were late to catch a glimpse of her because she spent few minutes at the place.

Most of the visitors to the exhibition were impressed with the Ghanaian products, compelling some of them to establish contracts to trade in some of the goods. Mr William Ntow Boahene, Ghana’s Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, described the exhibition as fantastic and expressed joy about the high patronage.

He said the Equatorial Guinean Government had demonstrated commitment to the co-operative agreements signed by both countries. “Out of the 11 to 12 co-operative agreements Ghana signed with Equatorial Guinea, three of them are being implemented,” he added. Mr Boahene said the exhibition marked the implementation of one of the three co-operative agreements signed. The other two agreements include air transport service and crude oil supply.

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