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President of Equatorial Guinea Obiang Nguema Mbasogo signs the official promulgation of the Fundamental Law Reform

posted by February 17th, 2012

On Thursday, in the African Palace of Bata, the President of the Republic proceeded to the signing and official promulgation of the reform of the Fundamental Law of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, adopted on 23 November, 2011.



This event took place in the presence of the Prime Minister and Head of  Government, Ignacio Milam Tang, the President of the House of People’s Representatives, Angel Serafin Seriche Dougan, the President of the Constitutional Court, Salvador Ondo Nkumu, as well as members of the Government, leaders and representatives of political parties legalized in the country and the Secretary-General of the PDGE, Lucas Nguema Esono Mbang.

– “The signing and official promulgation of the Constitutional Law Reform,” said the Head of State, “is a historic event because it marks the beginning of a new era, a new step towards democracy. All the steps the Government has taken towards democracy are positive,” continued Obiang Nguema, “realistic processes that have resulted in what is now Equatorial Guinea.”

After congratulating those who participated in the drafting of the Constitutional Reform, the President explained in detail the processes to follow for the implementation from now on, especially regarding the development of appropriate regulations, so that the bodies can work with a modern and democratic system.

Subsequently, the Head of State granted a press conference at the African Palace of Bata, which addressed, in addition to the reforms of the Fundamental Law of Equatorial Guinea, the “Magna Carta of Akonibe“, issues relating to the chairmanship of the UA and CAN 2012.

We have carried out the chairmanship of the AU with much good sense, which has earned us the congratulations of all the presidents of the AU,” said H.E. during the press conference. He also described current difficulties that this institution faces, due in large part to the lack of solidarity of the African peoples.

Regarding the organization of the CAN, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo congratulated the National Nzalang and the people of Equatorial Guinea for their support of the team and for the good behavior shown during these African football competitions. He said the realization of this continental event was a success and a challenge for the co-organizing populations, who showed the world their ability to host this championship

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