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President of Equatorial Guinea closes the Labor Conference

posted by – October 3rd, 2012

After three days of intense work, the President of the Republic brought to a close on Monday afternoon the Labor Conference with a clear message to all those attending: to change the mentality, in order to achieve better work and a better company.

The event was attended by all the members of the Government, led by the Prime Minister, Vicente Ehate Tomi, ambassadors, diplomats and members of political parties, among others.

The ceremony began with the reading of the final act of the Conference by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Boncaka Tamara, followed by the thanks expressed by a young college student, a worker and a businessman.

After that, the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, pronounced the closing remarks, thanking the sponsor, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, for organizing it

Referring to the problems presented in different sessions, the Head of State sent a clear message to all present regarding the need for a change of mindset in everyone involved in order to approach the labor problem from a new perspective that will allow progress towards objectives of maximum performance.

The President did not blame either of the parties involved, but said the two acted inappropriately, causing conflicts. He also re-emphasized the importance of a change in mindset, and requested them to comply with the Labor Law, the most appropriate way to start improving the employment sector.

Finally, he said that all the suggestions and recommendations made during the conference will be considered, and that the decisions that are deemed appropriate will be taken soon.

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