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The President of Equatorial Guinea addresses the new senators

Posted by – October 10th, 2013

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has reminded the new senators of their great responsibility in the new Senate to defend the interests and welfare of the people of Equatorial Guinea: “A senator that ignores the needs of the people cannot fully assume his functions.”

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.


The President addressed the new senators on the opening day of the Senate, to remind them of the great mission that lies before them starting today. After greeting them warmly, he reminded them that the people had placed their trust in them to represent them and, therefore, to defend their interests: “The Senate was created to protect these interests in a way that ensures balance and the common good of Equatorial Guinea. Thus,” continued the President, β€œthe main mission of this Senate will be the identification and definition of these interests and then to consider their defense through specific laws that do not discriminate and that protect all groups within the national community.”

In his speech, the Head of State stressed the importance of the new Senate of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, not only to pass the laws, but also to cater to local interests. In this regard, H.E. recalled that is representatives from all over the country had been chosen: “The Senate not only confirms the laws, but must exercise the parliamentary initiative required by Law, especially if local interests must be satisfied, as long as they fall within the framework of the law. However,” he added, β€œthe fact of defending a local interest must not imply a discrimination in the whole country, nor should it be with prejudice to other interests.”

For the President, being appointed senator “represents the highest honor a citizen can receive from his people, because it comes from defending the interests of the people.” Therefore, he also noted that “a senator that ignores the needs of the people cannot fully assume his functions.”

He also stressed that the new bicameral system should help “ensure peace, stability, order and sociopolitical harmony, which requires men who act with prudence, patriotism and humanism, to understand that the people’s interests are above our personal desires.”

In closing his speech, the President referred to the necessary fluidity of the new Senate with other departments: “I hope that the relations between the Senate and the Executive, as well as with other branches and institutions of Government, are characterized by understanding, cooperation and solidarity to achieve a common goal which is the welfare of our people and the exaltation of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.”