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Police deputy minister shares lessons with Equato Guinea

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7 Deputy Minister of Police Maggie Sotyu is in Equatorial Guinea on an official visit. She arrived in the repressive and authoritarian but oil-rich state yesterday and returns Friday, the police minitry says in a statement.

“The deputy minister will meet with Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of National Security, Mr Nicolas Obama Nchama,” the statement says. “The purpose of the visit is based on a framework of collaboration and cooperation between South Africa and Equatorial Guinea and has an intention to discuss issues concerning police matters based on South Africa’s international event-hosting expertise.

Of special importance will be allowing the Equatorial Guinean government to draw lessons from South Africa’s experience as they prepare to hold an African Union summit in June and the Africa Cup of Nations tournament next year.

Others issues on the agenda include police equipment, police training, utilising ICT in fighting crime and other technical support-related matters. “South Africa has worked closely with the number of other international agencies and countries on the best methods to safely secure and host international events and will utilise this visit to share with Equatorial Guinea.”

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