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People Equatorial Guinea

Posted by January 22nd, 2013

see video: people of equatorial guinea


Equatorial Guinea is the only country in Africa that has Spanish as an official language. However, unlike the rest of the countries that make up the VeinteMundos, Spanish is not the first/primary language for the majority of the population (although it is still spoken by an estimated 89% of the country). Guinean Spanish is characterized by a strong influence from local tribal languages as well as from Pichininglish (pidgeon/pidgin English), French, and in some cases Portuguese and German. In some places the r is guttural similar to French. In general the language spoken here has a greater resemblance to Castillian Spanish than American Spanish; for example, the use of “vosotros” as 2nd person plural. Differences can be noted between the Spanish spoken by those of different ethnic groups.

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