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PDGE Tour 2015: Evinayong receives the secretaries

posted by: – April 28, 2015

On this occasion, the Deputy Secretary General traveled to China to accompany the President of the Republic during his visit to this country, and was not able to be present in Evinayong that, as in previous tour stops, has come out to receive the PDGE.

Once again, the working meeting with the militancy began with the motion of the representative of the district council, who in addition to conveying the welcome for the delegation of the party, also reviewed some of the main needs of the district, such as creating roads for some inland areas; housing for health workers; a morgue and a new health center, among others.

Osa Osa also addressed the attendees in the traditional language of Evinayong in this new work meeting and, among other things, requested collaboration in view of the recession currently being experienced in Equatorial Guinea, in order to implement various policies of economic production. Therefore, he said, there will be a conference this year, to explore new ways of production and income that can help overcome the crisis, and that create permanent jobs, without fluctuations in oil, as well as other measures.

-“We have a visionary president, who has been overcoming the difficulties he has encountered along the way, and all we have today we owe to him, his activity and work,” said Osa Osa Ecoro before the act of providing incentives, diplomas and insignias to the presidents base cells, who filled the room.

The Secretary-General ratified the congratulations to the militants, and asked them to redouble their efforts in the current situation to support the President, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Despite the absence of the Secretary General, Jesusa Obono, the meeting with the women was also held, which in this case was carried out by Antonina Mico Mikue, Head Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Women of the party.

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