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ORTEL professionals will specialize in the Catholic University of Murcia

published by: – March 11, 2015

The Director General of ORTEL, Hermogenes Nzang Esono, visited this Murcia university to attend the start of the course that will be taken by a number of national employees of the entity. There is a total of 36 Equatorial Guineans who will be trained in groups of six, and who will study subjects related to telecommunications, regulation of markets, accounting and human resources, among other studies. This project is funded entirely by the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

A total of 36 Equatorial Guinean professionals will specialize in various sectors, and receive comprehensive training for the better functioning of ORTEL. According to officials of the university, the students will be trained in groups of six in areas such as telecommunications, administration, accounting, finance and human resources, among other specialties.

Nzang Esono, while in Spain, was able to visit the installations of the Murcia University and the Campus Los Jeronimos, the place of training and residence for the students. The Director General described the visit as positive and expressed hope that the employees of ORTEL will specialize according to the signed agreements.

On the other hand, he also met with the Vice President for International Relations of the UCAM, Pablo Blesa, with whom he discussed other issues related to the implementation of training, which began this month of March.

Blesa, meanwhile, said: “The Equatorial Guinean professionals will be trained by teacher engineers in telecommunications. But they will also delve into other areas such as the company management, communication… in order to discover the needs of Equatorial Guinea and in which areas we can contribute even more.”

Finally, Nzang Esono visited the company COTA, dedicated to the measurement and treatment of radio waves; a venue where the Equatorial Guinean graduates of the UCAM will intern for two weeks before their return.

Text: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)
Photos: ORTEL
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office