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Opening of the Office of Economic and Business Information in Equatorial Guinea

posted 12/24/12 –

On Tuesday, Celestino Bonifacio Bakale Obiang led the inauguration of the Office of Economic and Business Information (O.I.E.E.) at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Promotion. The office is an administrative service of the Ministry, with a focus on public interest, to provide support, trust and guidance to any national or foreign entrepreneur or investor who wishes to establish, or already is operating in Equatorial Guinea.

The national small and medium enterprises and micro-enterprises will be provided with permanent support service with the help of the National Institute of Business Promotion and Development (INPYDE).

Celestino Bonifacio Bakale Obiang, during his speech at the inauguration, said that this initiative aims to support small and medium enterprises to strengthen them both with information and with training. It also will track their activities and support will be provided for funding. In addition, the office will guide businessmen in their different activities.

The office will be led by experts from the Ministry of Economy, and will have the advice of a U.S. technician of the company LNG and another of the Spanish company Noble Energy.

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