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Opening of the 20th Session of the African Union Executive Council – posted by

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In his speech, the President of the Commission, Jean Ping, again made an appeal for unity in the institution.
During the two days of this ordinary session, we will hear some of the latest reports drawn up in the institution, such as the Activities of the Permanent Representatives Committee, that of the 5th Ministers Conference on Integration of the African Union or the Commission’s report on the situation in the Middle East and Palestine, among others.

In his opening speech, the President of the Commission, Jean Ping, once again conveyed the idea of the need for an effective union among the 54 member states comprising the UA.

Politically, Ping considered that 2011 has been, without a doubt, the most difficult year for the AU, as a result of political crisis in Côte d’Ivoire and Libya, as well as peaceful and popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

At another point in his speech, referring to the consolidation of peace and security on the continent, Ping said that “we work closely with the Peace and Security Council (PSC), which has always been proactive to address, in time, conflicts and crises”. Ping assessed as positive the concerted actions carried out actively by all the AU member states and other stakeholders in the fight against terrorism, arms proliferation in the Sahel and North Africa, and on issues such as drug and human trafficking.

With regard to the African economy, the President of the Commission recalled that the African continent has been affected by the global crisis, but without weakening it, thanks to its sustainable growth. He also said that Africa will be the locomotive that pulls global growth in the near future.

Ping, who is running for re-election as Chairman of the Commission, concluded by recalling that “the AU is the tool that will allow us to realize the ambitions of our continent and meet the aspirations of our people, which are wellbeing, democracy and dignity”.

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