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New Year’s Message from the President of the Equatorial Guinea – Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –

Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –


H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo sent a televised message to the population on the night of December 31 to mark the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. His most important statements are reviewed below.
As usual at this time of end of the year, on the evening of Saturday, December 31, the Head of State sent a televised message in which he congratulated all the people of Equatorial Guinea for the achievements in the development process of the country, which has had a positive impact on the political, economic and social aspects during 2011.
– “Peace, serenity, stability, harmony and the development that Equatorial Guinea has known in these 32 years make us a special reference point in Africa and a heritage that the entire nation must maintain and protect”, since they are not values ​​attributed only to the Government or to the President, but rather to the efforts of the majority of the Guineans, explained Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at the beginning of his speech.

The President of the Republic also recalled that the last year 2011 was characterized by great achievements: the recognition for our country that was attained by holding the chairmanship of the African Union and the successful organization of the Summit of African Heads of State at a time of financial and economic crisis and of the situation of political and social instability in several African countries.

At another point in his speech, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo stated that Equatorial Guinea has experienced major transformations in order to convert our nation into an emerging country in 2020. To achieve this goal, the Head of State appealed to maintaining the solidarity actions and the national consensus.

He also referred to the objectives achieved by the Government, such as the growth of tourism on the island of Annobon and Corisco; the creation of the city of Sipopo; the inauguration of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception -patron saint of Equatorial Guinea-, as well as the general development of the country’s infrastructures.

In his message he referred to the enemies of the nation, which “say that oil is a curse for our country and the Government diverts these resources.” And he added that all they want is the destabilization of the peaceful atmosphere, national reconciliation and the current development we experience. To avoid falling into such deceptions, he appealed to the people: “The difficulties that the enemy creates for us will be even greater, but we must face them with determination.”

In regard to the global financial and economic crisis, the Head of State explained that our country is not safe from it, despite the availability of oil resources, and warned that the crisis could also affect Equatorial Guinea. Therefore, he stated that “we are promoting an entrepreneurial spirit among Guineans to explore and exploit the current opportunities that the oil gives us. Specifically, we just held the First National Industrialization Conference of Equatorial Guinea, which is not a utopia, but rather a reality that the current economic circumstances impose on us.”

In his capacity as acting Chairman of the African Union, he spoke of the continent’s problems, referring to the Arab Spring, as a consequence of the economic and financial crisis that has affected some African countries with weak political and social structures. He added that while this crisis affects more the developed countries, our country must also avoid it.

On the new reforms recently adopted in the nation, he indicated that “their objective is to guarantee greater balance, providing more possibilities to the authority and a greater presentation of the people in the State institutions.”

With regard to the competition of the African Cup of Nations, which our country organizes jointly with Gabon, the Head of State noted that it is an occasion for the Equatorial Guineans to show their patriotism, hospitality, solidarity and love of sport to ensure the success of the event, whose goal is not to take the trophy, but to give the best image of our country.

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