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MPs at meeting of African Parliament speakers

 Luanda – A delegation of National Assembly led by the deputy, Higino Carneiro travelled Wednesday to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to attend from 2 to 3 December the 3rd meeting of Speakers of African Parliaments.

Speaking to the press, Higino Carneiro who will represent in the forum the speaker of National Parliament, Antonio Paulo Kassoma said the meeting will address the organizational aspects of the institution in the ambit of their integration into the countries of the continent.

The MP said that a new secretary of the organization will be elected and the meeting will serve for consultation and improvement of working methods of the institution itself.

He added that meetings like this are held annually in different countries according to theirs candidatures.

The delegation is integrated by Cristovão da Cunha from MPLA and Abilio Camalata “Numa” from UNITA.

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