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Meeting of the Head of State with university students and graduates of higher education institutions in Malabo – posted by

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H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo met at the sports center in Malabo with about six thousand young graduates and students of higher educational institutions of the city. The event also served to officially present the new middle school texts, funded by the Government.
Meeting of the Head of State with university students and graAt 12:30h on Monday, October 31, the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, arrived at the sports center in Malabo, to attend an event that began with the singing of the national anthem, and continued with the protocollary speech by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Miguel Esono Mansogo.
A university graduate, on behalf of this group, was the first to deliver a speech in which she thanked the President of the Republic for giving young Equatorial Guineans the opportunity to be trained, both outside and inside the country. Similarly, the Head of State presented the difficulties faced by young college graduates, such as lack of employment and poor access to obtaining housing.

On behalf of the athletes, the women’s team assistant captain spoke of the national football team. In her speech, she asked the Equatorial Guinean football fans to eradicate the bad behaviors that sometimes occur at matches, and requested the Head of State to promote grassroots sport.

Then a representative of the national university spoke, who thanked the President of the Republic for the many positive changes in this academic institution, but also requested the implementation of other projects for the national university

A student in higher education was the last speaker, and conveyed the objective assessment of this group of the new education system introduced by the Government. At the same time, he welcomed the development of new textbooks funded by the Government.

For his part, the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, at the beginning of his speech, congratulated the students for the students’ speeches that have clearly expressed the problems of their sector.

At the same time, H.E. Obiang Nguema welcomed the interest of young people in this meeting, which is the third he has held with them, and said that these meetings are necessary for the exchange of points of views, not just for the education sector.

The Head of State also said that young people should be very familiar with the route that our country has taken to reach the standard of living that we have today, “because the level of economic, political and sociocultural development of the country advises that these meetings be held often to reflect and moralize young people and the population.”

The President, as Chairman of the African Union, also spoke about the problems of Africa and said “we cannot attribute all the problems Africa is facing to the colonial powers. The blame is also on the Africans themselves, who are too humble towards their former colonial powers”. He warned that these attitudes could result in a third colonization of Africa.

At another point in the long speech, he said the world today is developing through paradigms that do not match the realities of village life, but rather with the instructions of the great powers.

“In my capacity as President of the Republic and as a parent, I have a moral obligation to make these reflections that I consider indispensable. What we are doing is projecting the future for you.” Also, the Head of State spoke about the importance of constitutional reform and the generational change, security of the nation and the need to preserve peace.

The Head of State also referred to the ambition and the rapid enrichment incurred by many young people, to be entrusted to some positions in the administration, and condemned crime and said we should try to achieve the best for our country, i.e., give the nation the best of our contribution. He also referred to ethnic strife, and stated that in our country this phenomenon exists. He stressed the importance of young people being sympathetic to overcome all the intrigues that the African continent is suffering.

He added: “The intellectual formation of our youth is important because our parents suffered the pressure of colonization and, although there are currently no training problems, we know you have difficulties, which we must analyze to resolve them as soon as possible.”

When he concluded, the Head of State congratulated the motion of support for constitutional reform by the youths, and said “that the reforms will bring great opportunities to the country, because these reforms have the best conditions and will give a high standard of living to the country”.

And finally, in terms of the football competition, the Africa Cup of Nations, he said “it is not about winning the Cup, but providing the best image of the country. The purpose is to sell our image.” He also asked the public to attend and cheer at all the matches to be played on home soil.


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