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Meeting of political parties in view of the census update – posted by

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The updated electoral census for the referendum of constitutional reforms announced by the President of the Republic was the main reason for this meeting, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning.
On Monday, September 26, the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning, Economic Development and Public Investment hosted a government meeting with representatives of legally recognized political parties in the country.

Jose Ela Oyana, Minister of Planning, addressed the meeting accompanied by the Minister of State for Internal Affairs and Local Corporations, Clemente Engonga Nguema Onguene.

The main issue of this meeting was to review all aspects of preparing for the tour that will be carried out by the commission of political parties held throughout the country before the referendum. This tour will begin this week, while another meeting is planned before its start.

The representatives that attended this meeting were those of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), Convergence for Social Democratic (CPDS), Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea (APGE), Popular Union (UP), Liberal Democratic Convergence (CCD), Liberal Party (PL), Socialist Party of Equatorial Guinea (PSDGE), Social Democratic Union (UDS) and the Social Democratic Party.

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