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MAECI Solar to begin work of Annobon Island – Equatorial Guinea

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September 5th, 2013


MAECI Solar, a division of Management and Economic Consulting, Inc. (MAECI) of the United   States, will begin work next week on the Annobon Island solar project approved last month.

Bill Rawheiser will lead MAECI Solar team, and accompanied by Paul Smith, Kevin McMullin and Thomas Bird.  The MAECI Solar team will be leaving the United States this coming weekend, and will be on Annobon Island by next week.

The Annobon Island solar project is historic in that it will be the largest self -sufficient solar project on the continent of Africa, and one of the largest in the world to date.  The solar installation will supply enough electricity to handle 100% of the current demand, and enough capacity for future expansion.

This project supports President Obiang Nguema’s “National Economic Development Plan” adopted in November 2007 at the Second National Economic Conference,  “Horizon 2020” .  The key strategies and reforms necessary for Equatorial Guinea to take advantage of its unique opportunity is to use its nonrenewable oil wealth to foster the wellbeing of its population and future generations.

The installation is projected to complete in August of 2014.