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MAECI leads an Economic Mission of U.S. Companies to visit Equatorial Guinea

published by – February 6th, 2013

Within the next 30-days the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will welcome a U.S. delegation of Commerce to Equatorial Guinea being organized by Management & Economic Consulting, Inc. (MAECI).

MAECI will lead a group of U.S. companies that look to bring solutions within the following sectors: Healthcare, Solar Energy, Water Purification, IT & Communications, Mass Transit, Port Management and Micro-Finance.  The Government of Equatorial Guinea has been aggressively seeking U.S. participation in their economic diversification plans.

The goal of the mission is to have these companies participate in the emergence phase, 2013-2020; the Government is counting on direct participation by the United States, to carry out the dream of an emerging Equatorial Guinea in Horizon 2020.

MAECI’s delegation of U.S. companies includes Leonard Karp, President & CEO of Philadelphia International Medicine, Michael Simpson, President of The Simpson Group, William Rawheiser, President & CEO of Wise Power Systems, Kevin Jones, Chief Executive Office of Cardinal Resources, Paul Robichaux, Commission Vice President of Port of South Louisiana and Dr. Ernest Simo will be representing IT & Communication solutions.

During the mission, MAECI’s group will tour the country and meet with of different members of the Government of Equatorial Guinea.


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