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MAECI Corn and Soybean Processing Plant close to completion in Equatorial Guinea

March  26th, 2013

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Management and Economic Consulting, Inc. (MAECI) is close to completion on their Corn and Soybean processing facility in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea.  The plant is being constructed on the Mongomo Farm, located in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea.  The Mongomo Farm is the site of the countries initial farm project with MAECI, which is a 750 hectare Corn, and Soybean farm and processing center.

Grain Silos at Mongomo Farm Grain Processing Facility

The plant’s four grain silos are built and being tested.  These silos will hold over 4,000 tons of grain at a time.   In April, MAECI will start running tests on the Silos to commission the grain handling facility.


The Mongomo farm is expected to produce 2500 tons of corn per year, and 1000 tons of soy beans. The Equatorial Guinea region will produce two harvests per year, making for an extremely efficient production facility.  The processing facility will be managed by MAECI.


Soy bean and Corn processing equipment to make into oil and flour at Mongomo Farm Grain Processing Facility

The Mongomo Farm is a 100% efficient (no waste) program.  This project is a part of the Green Revolution that has been supported and invested in by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and soon the country will reach an unprecedented level of self-sufficiency in food production, using revenue from its oil sector, because of a bold approach to revamping driven by former Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture and Forests, and current Vice President H.E. Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE

The Green Revolution, and it is borne out of a three-step assessment of the E.G.’s Food, Agriculture and Economic challenges and opportunities. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo outline the vision in 2007.