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Looking Back At The 2011 Women’s World Cup, An All-Time Great International Tournament – posted by

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There is some debate of what was the “Goal Of The Tournament”. I would imagine the general candidates are Monica Ocampo against England, Heather O’Reilly against Colombia, Erika against Equatorial Guinea, Marta against USA and Marie Hammarstrom against France. I’m of the belief that the goal of the tournament was scored by Jill Scott of England in their quarterfinal defeat to France. The goal presented everything that I love about the sport: greatness, awfulness, and cheating. English forward Kelly Smith received the ball at midfield and used her hand to help her control it. She turned to chip the ball over the top to a sprinting Jill Scott who saw two French defenders take each other out of the play. Scott would then put a beautiful shot past goalkeeper Celine Deville

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