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Kadaga and Winnie Kiiza canvass support for Kazibwe’s AU bid in Cameroon

Kadaga and Winnie Kiiza Canvass Support (Click link to Watch Video)

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the Leader of Opposition Winnie Kizza are engaged in shuttle-diplomacy to drum support for Dr Wandira Kazibwe’s bid to chair the African Union Commission.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has delivered a message from President Museveni to the President of Cameroon Paul Biya seeking his support for Uganda’s candidate for the coveted African Union Commission seat.

The message was received by Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang who represented the president in Yaounde, the Capital of the West African state.

Former Vice President Dr Wandira Kazibwe will face Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi of Botswana and Agapito Mba Mokuy of Equatorial  Guinea.

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