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Interview with Sergio Osa Mongomo, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry – English Translation

In a special meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Sergio Osa



 Deputy Minister of industry, reports on the project DFAIT an ambitious plan to develop agriculture based on the creation of new models farms throughout the country and has already begun to be implemented with the help of the U.S. company Management & Economics Consulting, Inc’s.

Equatorial Guinea is rich in arable land areas and has enormous potential for enhancing the development of agriculture production and achieving self-sufficiency to provide the country and even export of products. However, to achieve this goal it is necessary to allow a large investment to modernize and update the traditional form of agricultural labor. To this end, the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has signed several agreements with the company Management & Economics Consulting, Inc’s (DFAIT) for the design, planning and establishment of model farms in order to achieve food self-sufficiency in Equatorial Guinea.

U.S. company dedicated to consulting management and productive economies, with extensive experience in other parts of the world, will be involved in the agricultural sector of Equatorial Guinea to contribute to its development through technology initiatives and generating employment, providing the necessary knowledge farmers.

For more information on this particular project, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Sergio Osa Mongomo has received in his office at the ministry in the city of Malabo, which explains the aims and claims of the Government this ambitious and innovative land development plan by farms.

– What is the “Project DFAIT” and who are the promoters of the same?

“The Project” DFAIT “is an agreement between the Government and the company DFAIT to boost agricultural development in Equatorial Guinea, with the ultimate goal of the country to get supplies of domestic and curb import demand and product. This project has been developed to meet the guidelines set by the Government in the Second Economic Conference held in 2007 and where the main lines were drawn to guide the economy in the future. Obviously, the initiative has been proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and materialized by the government of Equatorial Guinea.

– What is the point the project and who is it for?

“The project is aimed at the population and is an initiative developed to promote agriculture in Equatorial Guinea, to create large farms in which farmers can work and increase their knowledge of how to grow food in a more modern, and learn techniques production respectively. Likewise, farmers can also come to the farms to obtain the services they need, such as pumps, seeds, inputs … also be given training on the handling of machines, these will also serve as model farms to experience productive with new varieties from other countries, in order to have an endless number of products in abundance and that all stakeholders can carve in their areas, according to the distribution of farms across the country.

– Can you tell us how much will be invested in the project?

“According to the contract signed between both institutions, the government will unlock a total of 6 million euros, an amount approximately equal economic Cephas 3,930,000,000 francs. We are talking about going to work on a larger surface hectáreasdistribuidas some 2,000 across the country, with farms ranging between 25 and 50 hectáreaspara the production of different products. For the success of the project will initially deliver 50% of the approved amount, and the rest will operate under the technical fighting the project.

– What are the sectors that will benefit once the project started?

“In general, the benefit will be for the whole country but mainly will benefit agriculture and farmers, as they are large farms with large production capacity. As we all know that Equatorial Guinea will soon host major events, and would be ideal if visitors could learn and test the variety of new products we can offer the market.

Of these products will also benefit domestic markets, thus slowing the importation of the same, as the first result of the farms will supply food to the population and also to promote agriculture in the country and give more experience to farmers. ”

– When you start working on the project?

“The first part began in the last couple of months, with the clearing of forest areas to create farms. These lands are distributed in different districts, provinces and cities. The province of North Bioco is in the district of Baney, on the road leading to the peak Basile. In the southern part of the island you can find others by hound and Inasa Maule latter Riaba belonging to the district. And in the mainland, which is the largest surface area of the country, will create two properties for each province. In the first Littoral Province is located in Basile, Kogo district and the second in Boet, Bata. In the province of South Central, we are of Teg-Eté, two district and one in Añisok Niefang, the latter is on the road towards Mongomo. Finally we have some in Mongomo, Ebibeying and Mikomeseng, all farms with an area of more than fifty hectares. ”

– Do you currently collaborate on this project in other sectors?

“In this project only assist the Ministry of Agriculture and DFAIT company technicians. There are many stakeholders, which is why we are receiving and analyzing various proposals for those who want to contribute to the realization of it. Our goal now is achieving success in the early stages of the project. To this end, recently made a tour around the country to sensitize farmers to become more involved in this work and to promote agricultural production, because the only income the country can not come only from the oil sector. He is also proud to Equatorial Guinea to produce and consume their own products.

Text and Photos: Mansueto Loerie Bomohagasi

Information and Press Bureau of Equatorial Guinea (DG Base Internet)

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