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Interview with Rufino Ndong Esono, Director General of Culture: “The Can 2012 was a complete success

posted by – March 18th, 2012 held a meeting with the Director General of Culture, responsible for the coordination of cultural activities during the CAN, on behalf of the COCAN EG. Ndong summarizes the opening of this magnificent event, held at the stadium Nkoantoma of Bata.



Reporters from had the opportunity to meet with the former director for the overall coordination of cultural activities during the last African Cup of Nations, to comment on the results thereof and, in particular, the opening ceremony of the championship which was held last January 21 in the stadium Nkoantoma.

What did it mean for you to be director of cultural activities at the opening of the last edition of the CAN?

In reality, and quite sincerely, I must say that all the activities during the opening of the football competition at the Bata Nkoantoma stadium were a complete success. Proof of this is that we are receiving numerous compliments from the public who saw it live or in the media. Particularly, I feel relaxed and happy to have contributed, along with my colleagues, to this edition, without forgetting to thank those who put their trust in me. Above all, I am very happy because there were no incidents, thank God“.

Despite this great satisfaction and the results obtained, surely organizing this huge event was not easy…

Of course it was not easy… Above all, having to move from Malabo to Bata over a hundred artists to join them with others from around the country. Besides having to coordinate the participation in this event for young people and students from different schools. To do this, we worked almost 24 hours a day, to move them all to their lodgings, which were sometimes distant. We are talking of just over 2,240 people, including students, military, church choirs….”

Were you able to observe some errors during this task?

There are always mistakes, but in the end it was a complete success. However … the notes of some possible errors, which perhaps may have been committed, will assist on another occasions, to fine tune the future achievements in order to optimize them.

Could you offer some recommendations and/or gratitude?

Rather than recommendations, I would give thanks, especially to the Head of State and President of the Republic, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for accepting the proposal of the Organizing Committee of the African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea (COCAN EG), and for the responsibility I was given during the event, but also to the CAF, the religious choirs, the company Market Place and schools of students who participated in this work. And to the Ministry of National Defense, whose troops played a major role before and after the tournament, and of course to the people of Equatorial Guinea who have embraced with warmth, color and responsibility the carrying out of the competition.”

The Director General of Culture recalled the importance of preparing young people mentally to participate in cultural activities taking place in the country. And why not? He would also like to invite companies operating in Equatorial Guinea to get involved in the promotion of culture and sport.

“Finally, I also thank all the national and international media, particularly for the “flood” of visits obtained on their page for the CAN Orange Gabon-Equatorial Guinea 2012.”

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