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The President attended the inauguration of the new building, and later, the new headquarters of the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), which is adjacent to the former and has the most modern facilities.
The Minister of Mining, Industry and Energy, Marcelino Owono Edu, recalled in his speech before the opening of the headquarters building the previous installations of this delegation, and stated that the new building offered excellent conditions for the officials to carry out their work. He also spoke of the new ITV station, located next to the mining delegation, which was built to proceed to improve the safety of motor vehicles, and thereby protect the safety of road users and pedestrians. In all, both constructions have cost the State over 500 million CFA francs.
President Obiang, addressing those present, said it was important not only to modernize the buildings and property of the State, but also to modernize the mentality of those who work for it: “I say this because even many of our staff are unable to deal with State management, and there are irregularities detected in its operation. It is not malice, it is incompetence. I would like the Ministers to seriously address the training of human resources. We must be a modern State, not only in the aspect of infrastructures, but also in the way people live”.

After a tour of the new ministry building, the President also visited the new ITV station, and attended an interesting demonstration of the machines installed for the revision of the vehicles.

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