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The Prime Minister and Head of the Government, Ignacio Milam Tang, representing the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, presided over the opening ceremony in the city of Malabo of the new headquarters of the National Gas Company (SONAGAS).


The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the National Gas Company (SONAGAS) began on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 20, with the arrival of the guests, ministers of various ministries, the diplomatic corps in Equatorial Guinea in Malabo and resident representatives of companies in the oil sector.

After the arrival of Prime Minister Ignacio Milam Tang, the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet announced the order of speakers, which began with a speech by the Director-General of the company in charge of executing the project.

In his speech, he welcomed the attendees to the opening and reported that the construction of the headquarters began in March 2009 and ended in 2011. In his speech, he thanked both the help and the support that the company has received from the Equatorial Guinean authorities throughout the construction process.

The Director-General of SONAGAS was the next to speak, according to the established protocol. On behalf of the company, he said that the opening of this  complex adds to the current development promoted by the President of the Republic, and conveyed the company’s satisfaction with this inauguration.

The Deputy Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy, Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, said in his speech that SONAGAS, along with the Ministry, has complied with the guidelines issued by the Government’s Decree No. 58-2003, dated August 18: A government mandate to provide adequate facilities that enable to perform the work without hindrance.

Mbega Obiang Lima recalled in his words that “SONAGAS is fulfilling its mission to strengthen our industrial capacity through the training of skilled professionals, the company has also made satisfactory progress in LNG projects, in methanol, 3G, as well as the domestic gas project.”

During his speech, the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures described the inaugurated building as a symbol showing that Equatorial Guinea is a gas exploiting country. He noted that “we are pleased and proud of the development of the oil and gas sector in our country.”

In his speech, he explained the characteristics of the building, and the total cost thereof, which amounts to a total of 24,717,470,000 CFA francs, approximately 37 million Euros financed by the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

For his part, the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Ignacio Milam Tang, speaking on behalf of President of the Republic, said that “it is gratifying for the Government to participate in this inauguration ceremony that symbolizes the compliance with Decree No. 58-2003, dated August 18, which encourages companies in Equatorial Guinea to build their headquarters.”

During his speech, he recalled that, some time ago, the Government had urged various companies to comply with the decree. “Some have completed their work, others are ongoing and we want others to copy this example,” Milam Tang said, “because the measures are harsh for violators.”

He also said that the building that opens today is part of the development plan of our country. This plan is meant to be fulfilled, not only by the Government, but also by public enterprises, those that have the participation of the State and those that are privately run. He also commended SONAGAS on the best results in their activity.

Text and photos: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D. G. Base Internet).

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