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Group from The Lauder Institute at The University of Pennsylvania set to visit MAECI projects in Equatorial Guinea


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June 9th, 2011

Group from The Lauder Institute at The University of Pennsylvania set to visit MAECI projects in Equatorial Guinea.  The group is  currently undertaking a research project in Equatorial Guinea in the context of an educational program at the Lauder Institute and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

A team of four graduate students will travel to Equatorial Guinea in August to study the impact of foreign investment in the energy sector. The project aims to study the diverse ways in which natural resources can drive economic and social development both directly and indirectly, with an emphasis on job creation and efforts to diversify the economic base. More specifically, the project looks at how the recent upsurge in multinational presence and government initiative and cooperation has benefited the country’s development through corporate social responsibility, various social programs, infrastructure construction, healthcare, education, tourism, agricultural development and industry diversification. 

During the team’s stay in Equatorial Guinea, they hope to visit with and interview ministers, policymakers and educators to understand some of the strategies Equatorial Guinea is employing to attract foreign direct investment and how they are partnering with multinationals already operating in the country. They also plan to meet with the multinationals and NGOs to get insight into how they are working to benefit the country’s development.

The group also has specific interest in the impact that Management and Economic Consulting, Inc. (MAECI) agriculture and food projects are having on the country. MAECI’s grass roots agricultural sustainability projects are just the kind of leaps forward that the group would like to investigate and document. These projects in conjunction with the Equatoguinean government’s commitment to support such progressive projects, as illustrated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests ‘Green Revolution’, represent a bright future for the nation.

About The Lauder Institute at The University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania’s Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies,founded in 1983, combines the world-renowned Wharton MBA or Penn Law JD with a Master’s degree in International Studies. In-depth language and culture training, a two-month, in-country immersion, and course work from the School of Arts and Sciences prepares leaders for the ever-evolving global economy.  Graduates join the diverse, supportive and committed worldwide Lauder community-continuing a 25-year  tradition of international business leadership.

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