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Government of Equatorial Guinea statement on the expulsion of a French citizen

posted by – April 9th, 2012

The expulsion of this citizen came after Equatorial Guinean law enforcement officials arrested him for distributing leaflets, which informed the French residents of Malabo of the measures to take in case of grave danger. The Government of Equatorial Guinea recalls that there is no situation for alarm, neither for French citizens, nor for any other citizens residing in the country.


The French citizen Pascal Schreiner was arrested and deported last week for causing public alarm by distributing pamphlets in which he informed the French population of the measures and contacts to be taken into account in case of grave danger. These leaflets contained information on places of refuge and telephone contacts that the Gallic citizens in the city could use in a hypothetical state of alert, thus hinting that French expatriates in particular, and foreigners in general, are in danger in Equatorial Guinea, and generating, therefore, an atmosphere of alarm and warning that it is completely and totally unfounded.

The Government of Equatorial Guinea wishes to emphasize, in view of this event, that there is no situation, alarm, or distress in the country, neither for any French citizen, or any other citizens.

The rejection of the people of Equatorial Guinea, and its institutions, of the recent judicial actions carried out in France against Equatorial Guinea interests and personalities do not imply in any way that any French citizen, or of any other nationality, is in danger in Equatorial Guinea. In this sense, we must remember the exemplary demonstrations that were held last March 30 around the country to protest this event, carried out without a single altercation.

The institutions of Equatorial Guinea, through legal and diplomatic channels, continue to fight to defend itself on this issue in France, respecting the independence of the French judges from the Gallic State, but resoundingly, strongly and firmly protecting its interests and the dignity of their personalities in this matter. However, it is known that the resolution of this matter and any other conflict must always be done in the path of peace and with respect to diplomacy and people, which are priorities of the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

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