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Goalkeeper Bright Nxumalo questioned over Villas theft

MBABANE – Premier League goalkeeper Bright ‘Komari’ Nxumalo was yesterday questioned by the police regarding the theft of money and jewellery at the Royal Villas.

The jewellery and money, amounting to about E2.5 million in foreign currencies, belonged to Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

The former national soccer team Sihlangu Semnikati ace goalkeeper was questioned after appearing on CCTV cameras at the Royal Villas and after being seen changing American Dollars at a local bank.

However, he was later released without being charged after he explained how he got to be at the Royal Villas and how he was in possession of the Dollars. “I was at the Royal Villas for two days, on the 26th and 27th of last month, for my aunt’s wedding. As for the money it was my pocket money, given to me by my employers for a trip to Zambia where I had gone for a workshop,” Nxumalo said.

The former XI Men in Flight and Manzini Sundowns goalkeeper said the police first called him when he was already in Zambia and said he was needed in Swaziland but was not told the reasons he was being sought.

Nxumalo said the phone calls from the police shocked him so much that he could not properly concentrate during the workshop in Zambia.

“I was worried about why they wanted to see me but now the matter is over,” Nxumalo said.

Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Assistant Superintendent Stephen Dlamini confirmed that Nxumalo was questioned and later released. “We questioned Bright but he was not charged. We had received information from the public that he was seen carrying money in American Dollars but he was cleared after the serial numbers of the notes did not match the money stolen at the Royal Villas. This was his money,” Dlamini said.


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