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Farewell of the Cuban diplomats

posted by: December 30th, 2014

The counselor of the Embassy of Cuba in Equatorial Guinea, Raul Gonzalez Ala and the Third secretary, Luisa Constantin Torres, were seen off on December 26, after completing their diplomatic mission in our country, in a ceremony presided by Ambassador Pedro Doña Santana.

The farewell ceremony of the counselor and the third secretary of the Embassy of Cuba took place on Friday night, December 26, at the embassy in Malabo.

During the ceremony, the new counselor, Alina Aldana Inniss was presented. Ambassador Pedro Doña Santana spoke to say that the Cuban government will continue moving forward with the updating of its economic model, to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism:“Cubans and Equatorial Guineans are doing it together, two brother peoples united by solidarity, friendship and the historic ties that unite us.”

Also, Doña Santana expressed his thanks for the congratulations received at the embassy due to the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States; and recognized that the economic, commercial and financial blockade remains the main obstacle to the progress of their country.

The ambassador concluded by wishing success and strengthening of bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and Cuba.

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