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Famous without being in London …

posted by – August 1st, 2012

The Equatorial Guinean swimmer Eric Moussambani Malonga is in the news in the international press, even without being in the Olympics. Dozens of journalists have gone to the pavilion of Equatorial Guinea searching for the famous swimmer, who has not even gone to London.


The former Equatorial Guinean swimmer and current coach of the National Swimming team, Eric Moussambani Malonga, is one of the most famous sportsmen and most sought-after by the media and most-named in social networks, though he is not even in the city of the Olympic Games.

Twelve years after Sydney 2000, the unprecedented performance of Moussambani still places him on the pages of the Olympic sports press and especially in articles related to swimming.

But the media interest does not end here: the head of the Equatorial Guinean pavilion in the Olympic Village in Stratford is constantly answering to the flood of journalists endlessly seeking Moussambani to interview him. Some who come do not understand why the most famous swimmer of our country is not part of the delegation.

One of the responses of the Equatorial Guinean Olympic Committee is that Eric Moussambani was entrusted with the National Swimming Team, with the hope that the International Swimming Federation (FINA) would offer another spot for an Equatorial Guinean swimmer, something that has not been repeated since, according to FINA, the Federation of Equatorial Guinea has not participated in any of the world, continental, let alone subregional, competitions since 2000.

Since early this year, many media from Brazil, Germany, United States, France, Australia and the Netherlands have expressed interest in interviewing Moussambani.

EricMoussambani Malonga had not swum in an Olympic swimming pool before arriving in Sydney (Australia).

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