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Equatorial Guinea: President meets with officials from Transportation

posted by – February 10th, 2012

H.E. held a meeting in the city of Bata with the top management of the Ministry of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications.



– “Despite the continued efforts and investment made ​​by theGovernment, the performance and efficiency that is merited in the functioning of the Ministry of Transportation, Technology, Postal Services and Telecommunications has not been verified” said the President to the heads of the institution.

With this and other phrases, the Head of State expressed the need for progress in this Ministry, during a meeting which took place at the African Palace of Bata.

The meeting was attended by its Minister, Mauricio Bokung Asumu, and other members of the Government of the same department. The President of the Republic suggested to them that, in order to obtain better results, they work to unify criteria and to reach a mutual understanding among institution members that make the decisions within the Ministry.

Moreover, on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 8, the Head of State also saw in situ the first match of the CAN 2012 semi-final between the teams of Zambia and Ghana. A duel which resulted in a goal to nil in favor of Zambia and its classification to play the final match of the Africa Cup of Nations.


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