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11 04 2012




Well done to Kim Reuter Executive Director/Founder of The Ladybug Project and her Project Manager for getting this piece to us to represent children from The Moka School,Moka Village, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.As mentioned in our recent update we had some concerns about a few Countries for which Kim confirmed Equatorial Guinea is one. So it is all the more fantastic that we have a piece to represent young people from Moka School where we may add there is no electric. The message of Peace will mean alot to these children.

Let’s all wish for Peace because that way we can all help each other!

Between the jigs and the reels Kim has managed to incorporate several childrens drawings into one, as there are many technical difficulties amongst other things, in this Country which have hindered getting the images to us. We thank you very much for not giving up on the International PeaceQuilt Project. Kim’s Project,The Lady Bug Project is making a huge difference to the children and people of Equatorial Guinea. Please read more here about this brilliant work.

The Ladybug Project Inc.
A 501(c)(3) organization connecting communities across the world.

The country’s coat of arms is gray with a silk cotton tree. Above the coat of arms are six six-pointed yellow stars, and beneath are the words, ‘UNIDAD PAZ JUSTICA’, which translates to ‘Unity Peace Justice’.

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