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Equatorial Guinea Minister of Labor and Social Security appears in Parliament

posted by – March 26th, 2012

The working sessions in the House of People’s Representatives continue. On this occasion, it was Minister Estanislao Don Malavo who appeared to present the draft Law on the General Labor Reform.


The Minister of Labor has justified the reform of labor regulations with the enormous socio-economic revolution that has taken place in Equatorial Guinea in recent decades, as a result of the exploitation of oil and the enormous changes it has produced. Among them, the arrival and the appearance of numerous national and international companies and the generation of new conflicts and problems that are not included in previous legislation.

The draft Law on the General Labor Reform includes significant innovations, as reflected, for example, in the extension of rights and obligations of workers and employers, in the increase of established wages and various changes in the procedures of resolution of labor disputes, with the prominence of reconciliation proceedings.

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