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Equatorial Guinea Minister of Foreign Affairs receives the Ambassadors from Cameroon, Brazil and Venezuela

Posted by – May 18th, 2012

Among the topics to be discussed with the diplomats, we can highlight the choice of the new date for the organization of the Summit of Africa-South America Countries.


Pastor Micha Ondo Bilé met last Tuesday, May 15, in his temporary office in the Sipopo Conference Center, with diplomats from Cameroon, Lazare Mpole Bala, Brazil, Eliana da Costa y Silva Puglia, and Venezuela, Daniel Cartaya Laya.

The audience between the Minister and the Ambassador of Cameroon was the first of all, and they spoke of the upcoming joint commission meeting between the two countries, to be held in Cameroon in the current year. Cooperation between the two nations, covering sectors such as agriculture, telecommunications and transportation, was another topic of conversation. “In the upcoming joint commission meeting, we expect to sign bilateral cooperation agreements,” said Ambassador Lazare Mpole Bala to reporters.

After the meeting with the Cameroonian diplomat, Micha Ondo Bilé received in a joint audience the Ambassadors of Brazil and Venezuela, Eliana da Costa y Silva Puglia and Daniel Cartaya Laya.

The preparations for the Summit of the African-South American Countries (ASA), which will take place in our country, was the main subject of the meeting. According to sources close to the organization of the summit, there is progress on all matters relating to the preparations, but what remains now is to determine the date: “We are working to outline all the details,” said the Brazilian Ambassador. Meanwhile, Daniel Cartaya, in the same line, said that “we work so that the summit will be a great success”.

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