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Equatorial Guinea Holds Political Parties Press Conference

posted by – May 17th, 2013

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea, PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Equatorial Guinea political parties today addressed the local and international media in a press conference held in the Equatorial Guinea Cultural Center in Malabo. Political candidates participating in the upcoming elections, from the opposition parties and the coalition, were able to share their platforms in an open and transparent setting. Candidates showed civility toward one another and shared ideas that reflected genuine democratic participation.

Richard Milam Acubiru, assistant director of communications for the Electoral Campaign for the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) said, “Our party is focused is on the maintenance of a political, economic and socio-cultural environment that works toward achieving a fast and balanced development with the ultimate goal of becoming an emergent country in 2020. Our platform focuses on the political, public, social, economic and infrastructure sectors to further develop the country.”

Francisco Mba, president of the Democratic and Progressive Alliance (ADP) party, which is part of the coalition, and current minister of transportation talked freely to the international media and said, “Equatorial Guinea is working hard to get close to other countries’ development, but countries in Europe for example are growing and developing at a much faster rate than we can. There’s still a lot of work to be done in Equatorial Guinea but we are on our way to becoming an emergent country. We fight to prove that today is better than when we lived under colonization and dictatorship. Today, the people of Equatorial Guinea live better and have more opportunities than in the past.” When talking about his experience in the coalition and working with other political parties, Mr. Mba said, “I’ve had a positive experience being part of the coalition. Coalition members sit together at a round table to discuss our ideas and how to carry them through. We come to a census through dialogue and camaraderie where every member is free to share their ideas.”

During the press conference, Andres Esono, communications secretary and Malabo major candidate for the opposition party, Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS) said, “We have been able to campaign freely and share our platform with the people in Equatorial Guinea. We have shared our ideas and have communicated how we plan to share the country’s resources in an equal way.” When talking about incidents during the electoral campaign, Mr. Esono said that some of their posters had been ripped from the walls around town.

Alfredo Mitogo, leader of the Popular Union (UP) party, which is part of the coalition, said that he would like to see non-governmental organizations work with Equatorial Guinea to “find solutions that help our country while supporting our laws and our people without altering our established laws.”

Jesus Loguna, opposition party and parliament candidate for the Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea (APGE) party said, “We have always participated in election events because we live in a democracy. We don’t want confrontation. Our objective is to be able to increase our natural resources development. We should invest more in exploiting our rich soils and expand our agriculture sector.” In reference to the financing of the party’s campaign, Mr. Loguna said, “We have received financing from the Ministry of Interior as well as from members of the party.”

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