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Equatorial Guinea Builds On MLK Dream

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

As America commemorates Martin  Luther King Jr. federal holiday marking the civil rights leader’s birthday,  which was first observed in 1983 and is celebrated on the third Monday of  January each year and happens to coincide with the inauguration of President Barack  Obama, Equatorial Guinea builds for the betterment of the country.

During remarks for the opening ceremony of the new Palace of Justice Malabo  II, H.E. Obiang, President of Equatorial Guinea said, “We demand the best  performance of judges and magistrates, but one cannot work without the  best facilities”.

After cutting the ribbon, the President of the Supreme  Court, Martin Ndong Nsue, showed the details of the new building and new  offices to the Head of State and those accompanying him.

On Human Rights Day, December 10, 1965 at Hunter  College in New York City, Martin Luther King Jr. said in a speech called – Let my people go, “For the American Negro there is a special relationship with  Africa. It is the land of his origin. It was despoiled by invaders; its culture  was arrested and concealed to justify white supremacy. The American Negro’s  ancestors were not only driven into slavery, but their links with their past  were severed so that their servitude might be psychological as well as physical.  The slave trade was widely approved by the major Powers of the world. The  economies of England, Spain, and the U.S. rested heavily on the profits derived  from it”.

“The civil rights movement in the United States continues to derive immense  inspiration from the successful struggles of those Africans who have attained  freedom in their own nation’s and endure countless attacks to this day”, said Victor  Mooney of New  York based South African Arts International, Ltd. and transatlantic rower  for Goree Challenge IV – Spirit of Malabo.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea (República de Guinea Ecuatorial) is the  only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, and one of the smallest nations on the  continent. In the late-1990s, American companies helped discover the country’s  oil and natural gas resources, which only within the last five years began  contributing to the global energy supply.

Goree Challenge IV – The Spirit of Malabo is a project for the South African  Arts International (SAAI). The Mission of SAAI is to promote multimedia events  in venues all over the world; to exhibit the works of artist, artisans,  musicians, scholars and professionals; to facilitate worldwide cultural  understanding; disseminate and exchange international art and culture; to  provide scholarships, sponsor cultural events and artistic seminars; to increase  awareness of global pandemic of HIV/AIDS; and to finance these activities  through soliciting contributions and funding from both private and  public resources.


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