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Equatorial Guinea: Airspan pushes Guineanet towards 4G

Posted by – November 14th, 2012

Equatorial Guinea rolls out 4G network.

LAGOS: Equatorial Guinea is looking to lead Africa on 4G broadband network expansion and Airspan Networks announced on Tuesday that the country’s Internet Service Provider Guineanet has been pushing its 4G network by employing Airspan’s Air4G compact macro base station.

According to the two companies, the initial process began in June of this year and “has been expanding since,” and now covers much of the country’s capital, Malabo and the West African country’s largest city, Bata.

“The Guineanet network offers broadband communication for data and VoIP services as well as Wi-Fi hotspots for multi-device connectivity,” a joint statement read. “Having deployed Airspan’s Air4G, Guineanet will benefit from the product’s integration of LTE and WiMAX platforms, enabling the company to migrate the network infrastructure to LTE with a software-only upgrade.

“This will enable Guineanet to continue to serve WiMAX customers while introducing LTE customers at its own pace,” the statement added.

It comes as West Africa hopes to increase its broadband coverage and increase speeds. Airspan and Guineanet believe that by pushing out solid 4G services, residents will have faster and more stable Internet connections.

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