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Equatorial Guinea adhesion depends on itself – Foreign minister

posted by – September 4th, 2013


The Angolan Foreign minister, Georges Rebelo Chikoti, said Tuesday in Lisbon that an eventual approval of the adhesion of Equatorial Guinea to the Portuguese Speaking Community (CPLP) will depend on what that country will do to meet the requirements.

Portugal- Jorge Chicote and Carlos Bayan Ferreira

Photo: angop

“The way we can accommodate Equatorial Guinea has not been much consensual,” said Georges Chikoti, adding that the solution to the matter also depends on the fulfillment of the action plan the CPLP designed for that country to meet the requirements.

The minister was speaking at the end of a meeting with representatives of the Portugal/Angola Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On the occasion, the Angolan minister also said he hopes that the African country makes “more internal progresses to satisfy the wish of all CPLP members,” within the framework of the said action plan .

“Should it adapt to this plan, proving in fact that now it is a country where Portuguese is spoken and in fact Portuguese is institutionalised, the CPLP countries might support,” added minister Chikoti.

On the other hand, the minister denied as false the allegation that the non-admission so far of Equtorial Guinea into the CPLP has to do with human rights violations.

Chikoti denied this as being a decisive factor, despite the fact that death penalty is still part of Equatorial Guinea Constitution.

“We are looking to the CPLP action plan, as besides the Constitution that institutes Portuguese as official language, it is a must that Equatorial Guinea makes some effort to learn the Portuguese language,” the Foreign minister stated.