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Coach Gilson Paulo returns to Equatorial Guinea

Posted by – May 21st, 2012

The coach of the national team has visited various football leagues in which different Equatorial Guinean players are active.


The Nzalang coach, who was accompanied by the national team coordinator, Francisco Ngomo, and the fitness coach, has returned to Malabo with the satisfaction of having finished the job, as he explained to the media upon arrival at the airport in the capital, on Wednesday.

During his visit to Europe, Gilson Paulo toured countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England and Portugal, where Equatorial Guinean players are active, both those who have worn the Nzalang shirt and those who until now had not but are claimed by the fans, given their good performance.

It is expected that the coach will provide information about the players that were interviewed, since the team will travel to Tunisia on May 28, to face that country’s team on June 2 as part of the first day of qualifying rounds for the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. The next game will be played in Bata on June 9 against the team of Sierra Leone. In the coming days we will provide a list of all the selected players, among which are already confirmed the Spanish soccer league players Kily, Dani Ekedo and Randy.

Gilson Paulo is the first coach of Equatorial Guinea that carries out this kind of tour. These preparations are conducted with a view to qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

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